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Mindscape team truly believes that there is an infinite potential inherent in each child and is unique to him/her.

Millions of students unfortunately suffer every year, as they are unaware of this inherent potential and have very little idea about what to do next. As we all know, there are certain careers which are preferred over the others, as they are considered to be more lucrative, successful and respectful in the society.

As a result, the students appearing for entrance exams are found to be under immense pressure. Some students also sit for many entrances knowing little about how well it fits in their overall life/career plan. Other regular/distant courses have high qualifying marks where students who have scored moderate marks get left behind, resulting in opting for the easily available degree courses; ultimately ends up struggling to manage or even complete the course for which they have joined. Those who manage to diplomate the graduate course are again at crossroads when they join for work. They become dissatisfied and unhappy. All this arises due to wrong and inefficient career planning. That is why Mindscape is determined to help students to make the right choices by helping them discover their inherent abilities (Aptitude combination).

Mindscape uses a comprehensive test (online as well as offline) which is divided into Three sections– an Aptitude test, a Personality test, and an Interest test. On the completion of which, a personalized report is generated by a trained Psychologist, showing the student’s Aptitude, Personality and Interests areas, which is self explanatory and suggests best suited careers/courses for him/her. The students and parents are given guidance on which subjects to choose and what course to take up. The career orientation and guidance helps both the child and parents to get an insight on the best fit careers based on the child’s aptitude

What is Career Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test is any type of assessment that determines a person’s talent/ability/potential in a particular skill or to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge and/or training.

Did you know?
  • Individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and are naturally inclined towards success or failure in certain areas based on their innate characteristics
  • An aptitude test does not test knowledge; it is not a test for which one can study.
  • Aptitude testing is an invaluable tool for making career and educational decisions.]
  • While our minimum age for testing is fourteen, and maximum age is thirty four. Finding out about your natural abilities at any age is beneficial. after
  • It is also valuable for adults considering further education, starting a new venture, those who are thinking about entirely new careers, or who are returning to work after raising a family, may find that learning about their aptitudes helps them make more informed decisions.
  • Testing is a big part of recruiting for many companies. Thus, majority of students as well as individuals are making it a big part of their career development.]As an aptitude test measures your abilities and talents, and it is a valuable way to monitor your progress.

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