Family Counselling

When one becomes a parent, they become the child’s role model and their first teacher. Children always look up to us for guidance. Our family is often our biggest strength and our strongest support system. When a family is happy, everything seems right in their world. But not all families can be stable, healthy and happy all the time.

Often the stress of modern life, the need for better work life balance, a family crisis, health challenges for a family member – any such reasons can create distress, disharmony and bring the family to its knee. This environment will be distressing, damaging and at times even destructive for all family members, especially the children.

Some sure signs to see a counsellor
  • A family member having difficulty to function in their normal capacity. Things which were earlier done as fun is now no longer carried out and you don’t like or understand this sudden lack of interest.
  • A noticeable breakdown in communication between family members, harder to communicate than usual, getting the “silent treatment” or members withdrawing from the usual family activities.
  • A family member posing threat to oneself or the other members of the family, one of the children showing behavioral changes at home or an alarming fall in the grades at school,  attendance problems or disruptive behavior at school
  • The family has had a traumatic experience such as a death in the family, a divorce or separation and members are having a hard time coping or having difficulty adjusting to the new reality.
  • Family members having substance abuse problems with alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating disorders or social media addiction and so on.
  • A family member showing extreme emotional reactions such as excessive anger outbursts, fear, sadness or anxiety and you find this behavior difficult to understand and feel totally helpless.
Challenges and concerns

As there is no training before one become a parent on how to handle such situations, parents get into the role of bringing in their own past experiences to solve the issue. Parents can easily fail to notice or understand or not give any importance to these conflicts, hence, raise their children with unresolved feelings, which will not only affect their role as a parent but also suffer from anxiety, frustration or stress. So don’t put off seeking help as the longer you wait, the worse the behaviors can get and if unresolved for a long periods of time it can have a serious negative effect on the whole family

Many families don’t have the time to deal with these issues and so even the best families can feel a need for assistance beyond the family.  Initially it may feel like admitting defeat or failure, but in reality deciding family counseling is right for the family is a big decision and a big step forward.


Mindscape’s Family counseling is a type of psychological counseling that focuses on family members who are facing family discord. We can assist parents in emotion management, stress management and helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts with effective tips and techniques provided by psychologist, that can promote families to get along better. Every family goes through difficult times, and if these problems are handled at the right time and the right way it can prevent a crisis.

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